What is Stress?

Stress is a negative physical/nervous/emotional way that is a response to feeling in some way of being overwhelmed.  Usually, it can be caused by things that are happening around you including things that are happening to you. How you respond to those things that can go on to create feelings of stress.   This inherent and instinctive stress response to unexpected incidents is widely known as ‘fight or flight’.  Please be reassured managing your stress is possible  To better understand stress and how it might affect you please read on.

The effects of stress

The effects of stress can be emotional, physical or psychological.  Signs of stress are different in each person, with somebody expressing more physical signs, like high blood pressure or fatigue and others expressing emotional or psychological signs like depression or irritability.

Some signs of stress:

Loss of appetite or overeating
Easily angered or frustrated.
Depressed mood
Trouble falling or staying asleep.
Trouble concentrating
Muscle aches
Rapid heartbeat
Upset stomach
Heart Problems

How can I manage my stress?

Feeling stressed can be very distressing and if you are struggling to deal with any of the stress-related effects listed above it might be worth having a chat with your GP.  Talking therapies like counselling, hypnotherapy and mindfulness can all help when it comes to managing stress and reduce the levels of stress you might be dealing with.