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Are you struggling to get the right work and life balance?  Then you’re not alone.

Work-related stress can be challenging to deal with, and the impact can be pretty severe for you.   I remember the saying many years ago ‘don’t bring your home problems into work’. The challenge, though, is working out whether it’s a work issue or a home issue that you are struggling with because work-related stress is most likely to have an effect at home.   This confusion can create all sorts of doubt in your mind.   It can have an impact on your self-esteem and on your confidence.  It can lead to feelings of tiredness, being stressed out or emotional. You might feel indecisive, and you begin to question all areas of your life, wondering whether you’re in the right job,  or even the right relationship.

Some of the physical results can be poor sleep, poor eating habits, issues with anger, feelings of isolation, increase drinking, maybe you have started gambling or are using recreational drugs to cope with your feelings and thoughts.

We all know how important it is to talk about our feelings. But do you ever get the feeling that when you are talking to someone, they are not really listening, or they have lost interest?  They compare you to others telling you that things will get better in time or they talk about themselves. But for you, the thought of feeling the way you do is really beginning to bother you, and you want something to change.  As a counsellor, my role is to listen, I am interested in your story, I listen to understand you helping you feel better.  By choosing to speak to a counsellor early, you might stop things getting worse.