What is Hypnosis?

Despite what you might have read or heard, Hypnosis is a completely natural state which enables you to experience a level physical relaxation usually unattainable in everyday life.  In fact, you may have experienced Hypnosis already in its simplest form without realising it. When your mind wanders, or you sit there daydreaming this is Hypnosis in its most basic form.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is delivered by a trained and qualified therapist who will access your unconscious mind in order to address the obstacles that are creating barriers that are holding you back from making positive changes in your life.

You and you alone are in control of your actions, many people have a fear of hypnosis, this is usually because of TV shows were people pretend to be cats or chickens.  This is purely staged for entertainment and has no place in Hypnotherapy for the treatment of stress, anxiety, phobia or any other area a client may seek support for.

Your unconscious mind will reject any unwanted requests or questions that you are not comfortable with.  Furthermore, because you are always fully awake you can exit the relaxed state whenever you want to.

There are no side effects from using Hypnotherapy, you are able to drive, return to work and go about your daily business as usual.

Questions and Answers

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Most people can, providing they are able to understand the things they have to do in order to achieve this state.

Can I be made to say or do anything against my will whilst I am in hypnosis?

No. Clinical hypnosis is not the same as stage hypnosis, you are free to accept or reject any suggestions made.

Will I be aware of what is happening or being said whilst I am in the hypnosis state?

Yes. You will feel deeply relaxed but will never lose contact with the Hypnotherapist’s voice.

What happens if I don’t come out of trance or something happens to the Hypnotherapist before I am brought out?

No one has ever.

Will I be able to drive afterwards?

Yes. You will still be feeling relaxed, however your actions and reactions will be functioning super efficiently.

When I am in hypnosis am I unconscious?

No, you are in a state half-way between sleep and wake.